Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tamura Supermarket in Waianae

If you know me, you know that I'm always either in Waipahu, Waianae, or DownTown continuing my doing but yet busy life. Anyway, one day while I was in Waianae I remember always passing Tamura's Supermarket but I never went actually into the store it's self so this was a nice day to do some exploring and just relax.

Well first off.... they made me leave my backpack at the front desk... my backpack.. my WHITE backpack they put on the ground for security reasons. I guess when you're in Waianae and you walk into a store with a backpack you can never be too sure if someone is going to steal something.

Continuing, I found a lot of things there which seemed really old and kinda out of date but it seemed very family friendly and family owned so it had a comfy feel to it. I found so many different foods and things in there that I never seen anywhere else and surprise surprise I happen to find LEAKS aka Welsh Onions in other words just a large green oninon. Funny how the asian super store Don Quijote right by my house doesn't carry these.

When leaving, after picking up my backpack from the front desk - I got to take a quick look at the deli area. Very cheap poke, okazu, and pupu kinds of foods. In the midst of all of that I found Pasteles!

When I was very young I used to hate Pasteles but when I got much older I grew to love the taste of this Puerto Rican Food. It also was only $3 so I couldn't go wrong.

When it's wrapped up in it's tinfoil it doesn't look like much but it was packed with flavour.

The only complaint that I have to say is that other than the filling and cilantro taste the outsides of the Pastele was very bland and dry. It virtually had no taste to it what so every, but the filling was great and nice I really enjoyed the middle. I think because the filling was so flavorful it complimented the plain outside.  Would buy it again I rate a 6/10 but don't take a 6 like a small number, it's way better than a 3!

If you're at Waianae's Tamura Market make sure to pick yourself up a Pastele!!!

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