Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Thank you to everyone who helped share Christopher's missing post. Last night we found out that our little angel passed away. Due to speeding and reckless driving on Farrington Highway, Sunday. Christopher was my baby and will forever be missed until the end of time. Even up into the very end he just wanted to be loved by everyone. I will always remember his hugs he always wanted, him chasing his ball at the park, the day we found him, beach days, and sneaking him food at the dinner table. He was the best dog I've ever had. Even though he is gone, I keep thinking hes still here. I believe his spirit will always be here with us on earth. In the autumn he becomes a ray of light to shine on us, in winter he becomes the white snow gleaming like a diamond, in the morning he becomes the bird that wakes us from our sleep, and at night he becomes the stars that protect us, so please I don't want to cry anymore because I know Christopher is still with us.
This is a testament to why we should be careful while driving. We lost our dog, our fun, and most of all our best friend Christopher who will always be missed. We Love you Christopher with all our heart. I will see you again buddy.

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