Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Life is Sweet by Cake Works

This is literately what I wait for every year at Kawaii Kon. Macaroons from Life is Sweet for $2 each! Macaroons is Love Macaroons is Life. Their a bit expensive but totally worth it. A box is $15 but ahhh!!! Just can't get enough. 

毎年 毎年 僕を待っています。よかった、今年にカワイイ・コンで来ました!
LIFE IS SWEET BY CAKEWORKSです。ちょっと高いです一戸は$2でも八っこは$15.待ってました!

$2 for one but a box of 8 is $15

There are only so many flavors but so hard to pick which one I want!

The Strawberry Guava, Blue Vanilla, and Green Tea have to be my favorite.


The workers even get into the festive mood of Kawaii Kon! <3

Blue Vanilla! The best!!! Please check out Life is Sweet by Cake Works!

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