Saturday, October 29, 2016

So Solid

Well, for the next 78 hours no solid food. But I can drink soups and raw foods. Today I had curry soup and ate two Korean Pears from seafood city.
Sitting here at work, got 10 minutes till I start. Had such a nice day, I just wanna go home and be creative. 

Instead of these stupid pears 

Shouldve bought the pineapple

Pears for the win

They look like little butts

Trying to avoid work

I really need to lose this ugly stomach. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brainstorming: Why is it important for parent involvement in their child(ren)'s learning?

Hello Everyone,

Here is my brainstorming activity I needed to complete for my English class. It's supposed to be a research paper and thus I needed to research things that applied to my major. In this case, my major is Education. Yes, I want to be a teacher one day.
This paper is not my final, it is a rough draft of a brainstorming assignment that may not even be accepted due to the topic. I believe my teacher may want me to pick a topic which will include more number and statistics. But, I really liked this paper I thought that it was too good not to share with the world. (笑) So here it is.

Hikariyama Torao



Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in their children’s academics is dramatically lacking. Research has shown that family engagement can be beneficial to the students academic growth, it deters from absenteeism in students, and boosts confidence for parents about their children’s education. Students whose parents/caregivers are closely involved tend to have higher grades, and test scores. Patterns which we also viewed included student’s higher social skills, and improved behavior. The lack of parental involvement doesn't effect the just the students, but the teacher, the parents, and the administration. To solve the problem of non-existent parental involvement in the student’s academics, I purpose more student-parents based home assignments which are clear for both parties.

I believe that more student-parent friendly homework would be beneficial to the academic growth because not only would it be based on topics were learning in class (for the student) it would also be easily understood for parent who might not be able to understand the curriculum. This way of teaching/curriculum is present in New Mexico teacher, Ricardo Rincon. He asks his students to conduct at home parent-student conferences to allow students to inform or in a sense teach their parents in what they are doing in school and what progress they are making on their own terms. He also crafts homework in a way which is easily understandable to both the parent and the student. For example: instead of having the parents work on fractions (which some parents won't understand) he may ask they ensure their child is reading for 30 minutes a day. That way the parents are not stressed out or so frustrated that they no longer wish to help their students with the assignment.

In a YouTube video I watched posted by CNN a commenter asked high school students about what they thought about parent involvement in their academics. For the most part, students harmoniously agreed that parental involvement is very beneficial to academic growth but agree that too much can be invasive and may lead students to act out in defiance if they are not allowed to grow socially and independently on their own terms.  It was interesting to see how the group was split in half on this issue. Some students thought that too much parent involvement will not help them learn but the other half agreed that no matter how much parent involvement there is in the student’s academics there will be no harm. I too share both these opinions. On one hand I believe that no matter how much parent involvement there may be in a student’s academics it will cause no harm, but on a personal level - giving students a chance to breath and develop on their own terms without the constant reminder that their parent will be watching over their shoulder should be taken into consideration. If you are a helicopter parent, I believe it will hinder the educational value of the student. For example: instead of trying to get a good grade because of the student’s personal growth they may try to succeed only to please the parent.

To solve the problem of non-existent parental involvement in the student’s academics, I purpose more student-parents based home assignments which are clear for both parties. It will increase learning in students and increase academic achievements. Although there will be both pros and cons to having excessive amounts of parental involvement there is no harm to the achievement of academic goals of students. Just be a good parent and check on your kid.

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Hello My Babes,

I know I have not been keeping up with this blog in a way that promotes me as a singer or artist. 
This is due to my recent life changes. 
I am now in college and majoring on a different path than the one that I initially wanted in life. 
Thus every now and then I will be posting pictures from performances that I am in, but I will be posting a lot of my essays, papers and assignments on here so you can get a glimpse into my heart and see the world the way I do. 
Hopefully I will inspire people and allow people who are also in the same boat as me (at a crossroads) figure out what you may want in life. 
If you need anything please feel free to contact me.
I hope you will understand. 

Hikariyama Torao 

Shimizu Voice Halloween Recital 2016 Pics

I hope you enjoy :)