Sunday, January 22, 2017

Breakfast at Kalapawai in Kapolei

 So its very rare for me to be up before 12 pm. Bryson decided to suprise me, and wake me up! We went to a fancy breakfast. This was the first time I've ever been to Kalapawai and to my understanding it used to be in Haleiwa? I have seen the building in Kapolei for some time now and only up until recently did I ever set foot inside.
The staff was so helpful and sweet. Which really suprised me hence it is the west side and everyone here is bitter. I really loved their personalities!

 The music was soft jazz (my favorite) and they had a bar. But I think 8am was a little too ealry for a drink. Maybe next time!
店からsmooth jazzが流れています。「ああ、素晴らしい」そしてオープンバーがあるけど朝8時で「ダメ」と思うた。たぶん今度(笑) 🍸

Always drinking coffee, that's why teeth is stained. 

My husband's (Bryson) breakfast

And whoops, I ordered the wrong thing but it' fine. Was delicious anyway! Will be coming back soon! Maybe I'll bring all my friends :) 

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