Friday, April 21, 2017


Well for no reason we decided to drive to Makaha today, despite my plans to clean my room. With Chun, Micah and my Danna sama we found ourselves at Makua cave. You know the one with the half man half shark god that lives there. (Kaneana)...
Let me remind you, that this was about 7:30pm so it was kinda dark already.
I took this incase we got lost. I never realized how many catacombs are actually inside. Like i really wanna go inside but I dont wanna die. Has anyone actually been inside the hidden tunnels in the back?
The Mouth
About to get hit by a car.
(Left to Right)
My Danna Sama, Micah, IDK and Chun 💕
What a nice time. Maybe one day well all grow a pair and actually enter the inner caves.